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DMARC Record Configuration and DMARC Analyzer: Stop Hackers from Using Your Domain and Ensure Legitimate Email Delivery

100M Phising Attempts Blocked

1B Password Breaches Stopped

4BMalicious Software Blocked

Stop Spoofed Emails

DMARC Record Check

Email Delivery to Inbox

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DMARC Record, DMARC Analyzer, DMARC Record Generator all in one place with DMARC Director

Stop Hackers from Accessing
Your Email with DMARC Director

Without a DMARC Record configured, your domain is vulnerable to email hackers. Email hackers can impersonate your brand by sending emails from what appears to be your domain. Stop email hackers from sending phishing emails to your staff and clients. DMARC Director makes it simple.

DMARC is Vital
for Email Security

DMARC Record informs ISPs like Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo! that your domain is configured to use DMARC. Your DMARC Policy has the rulesets that prevent hackers from using your domain to send emails and also, secures your email delivery. Publish your DMARC Record to your DNS easily using our DMARC Record Generator. Our DMARC Analyzer allows you to then monitor DMARC via a convenient dashboard.

DMARC Director is the authority for all things DMARC. Secure your Email Delivery and Security from common hacking threats.

Data Breaching

Top level executive impersonation can cause employees to send confidential company data and records to malicious parties.

Fake Invoices

Impersonation of vendors can cost your business thousands of dollars with fake invoices reaching your accounting team.

Compromised Login Credentials

Unauthorized hackers sending emails from your domain can ask clients and partners for sensitive data such as logins and passwords.

Black Market Sales

Increasingly, hacked domains are being used to sell illegal goods without companies being aware.

Ransomware Spreading

Through attachments and links, companies can receive emails containing ransomware, while hacked company emails can spread them to recipients including clients and staff.

Company Hinderance

Lawsuits, client frustration, identity theft caused by hackers with access to your email and domain can halt your otherwise successful business flow.

DMARC Monitoring

Our DMARC Monitor allows for real-time surveillance of your domain, showing you a map with areas where there are live threats.

DMARC Analyzer

Configure DMARC Easily with DMARC Director

DMARC Configuration

Configure DMARC by creating a DMARC Policy and publishing your DMARC Record to your DNS

DMARC Analyzer

Analyze DMARC by viewing your DMARC activity such as what has been emailed from your domain.


DMARC record checker will allow you to validate your DMARC record. Our DMARC Record Check will test and verify to ensure your DMARC is valid.

Email Delivery

DMARC Director ensures that your domain is safe from email hackers and spoofing. Through your policy set up, your email delivery is secured.

Set up Your DMARC and Stop Email Hackers and Stop Spoofed Emails

Improve your email security with DMARC Director


DMARC Email configuration is your line of defense from malicious activity such as email hacking, spoofing and phishing. A proper DMARC record details the rulesets, also known as, DMARC policy that the domain owner would like to use. Configuring a valid DMARC is easy with DMARC Director. DMARC Director is your all-in-one solution to set up DMARC, monitor and check DMARC and analyze DMARC..

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